sábado, 7 de abril de 2007

Hair Fair 07. Tercer intento. Armidi.

Y otro más... Lo he visto esta mañana en Appearence Mode.

*The Poynter

Hair Fair 1

Hair Fair 2

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Jesseaitui Petion dijo...

This 'company' looks promising. I can`t wait to see a shop from them.

Dpende dijo...

Yes, it's probably the greater surprise, in man's hair, of the Hair Fair.

Hey, did you published the new trousers (Unison) at the forum? I haven't seen them until this morning (my morning) at "Men's Second Style". :O

Jesseaitui Petion dijo...

Yes, definitely. Not much there for men but from what -was- there, theirs certaintly stood out.

No I didn`t put those ones on the forum cause I made them right after the first batch and didn`t want to clog the boards with one release after another lol.

Have a good day :D